EDI consultant training
Become an EDI Consultant With Big Data Consulting

EDI is an area that is becoming essential due to these multiple advantages. This is how Big Data Consulting offers you to acquire, through its training, the expertise of EDI. A follower of EDI for ten years, we are specialists in the field. Become an EDI consultant with Anexys.

Do you have the determination to operate as a freelance for EDI missions in retail.

You want to learn to understand the customer specifications for the implementation of EDI

You are a beginner wishing to acquire knowledge about EDI and decipher the issues related to its implementation.

Do you want to learn the RTE language with concrete cases to become an EDI developer.

We offer advanced training that will allow you to rise to the top in the world of EDI as an Analyst, Developer or EDI Consultant.
Some benefits of EDI for your business
Efficiency: This is a factor that should not be overlooked because of its critical importance

Cost reduction: Through EDI, the savings made by the retail sector are breathtaking. GS1 UK assesses 775 million Euros which is saved year after year thanks to EDI strategies that are put in place. We are thus seeing a huge reduction in costs coming into play thanks to EDI strategies. We believe that deploying an EDI strategy for your business becomes a imperative if you want to benefit from this revolution in terms of cost with your financial partners. For each electronic order, GS1 UK estimated a savings of 16 euros for large retailers.

Speed and reliability: These are the advantages most highlighted in this area. Transactions which normally would have taken several days can be processed in a few hours. We are witnessing a reduced risk of failure and re-entry errors. In transactions including paper invoices, it has been shown that 5% of the data is not correct. This reliability of the data will automatically lead a certain speed with regard to delivery times.

Having the paper processing process automated will allow employees in your organization to focus on other priority tasks. Therefore there will be a huge gain in terms of production. of an EDI solution for your business will surely boost your production while saving human resources.