Archiving of your dematerialized invoices

In order to respect French tax authorities, Big Data Consulting has developed a tool for archiving dematerialized invoices. It is a web platform for viewing and archiving your EDI invoices. Our tool file certifies the authenticity of your data by affixing an electronic signature on each of your invoices. The guarantee of your data is essential: Your invoices cannot be modified. Whatever the time, you have the ability to access your documents with safetycloud.

The advantages of archiving dematerialized invoices with Safetycloud?

Information is critically important in running a business.
In fact, the company is linked to its external environment by a set of information such as invoices, contracts, etc.
Multiple digital technologies have thus been developed with the aim of dematerializing documents and archiving them so that they can be consulted later.
The safetycloud solution effectively satisfiesn this need.
What are the advantages of using safetycloud?

Due to the critical importance of certain information, there are encryption methods that are put in place in order to guarantee the authenticity of these: The safe deposit automatically electronic signature (security key) on the invoices to be in agreement with the tax administration.

As a professional, you are obliged to keep your dematerialized invoices for a period of 10 years. SafetyCloud meets this legal requirement by the DGI (Directorate General of Taxes), allowing you to store and view your invoices.

Your archived data is easily consulted: There is therefore an optimization of the access time as well as the access frequency.

No modification is possible which guarantees total security of your data.

The dematerialized invoice archiving solution offered by Big data Consulting is of unrivaled power and simplicity. All your documents whatsoever Input or output are automatically archived and you can consult them later. Access to your invoices is by download (printable document).

A company will have to back up this data to the hard drives, so that in the event of a malfunction or breakdown, the data can be recovered. This will allow work within the company to go ahead without worry major. However, backing up the data does not mean that it should not be archived. Electronic archiving goes further: It involves setting up a document retention strategy in the long term in order to make them perfectly accessible.

Switch to paperless tax invoice mode

The dematerialized tax invoice frees you from the use of paper and you are in the reins of the electronic use of invoices. This dematerialization contributes to productivity and the reduction of costs within the company.It should be noted that electronic archiving and the dematerialization of dematerialized tax invoices are subject to certain conditions specified by the general tax code. The use of electronic signature here is the main condition. This signature aims to guarantee the authenticity and the integrity respectively of the origin and the content. Speaking of the electronic invoice, it is becoming more and more essential for companies in their relationship with different partners.