About us

What we do

Created in 2005 by a computer scientist, Big Data Consulting is a company specializing in EDI (electronic data interchange) and computer maintenance.
Big Data Consulting is a human-sized structure like our customers. Since over 10 years, Big Data Consulting specializes in the exchange of dematerialized commercial flows, Able to develop in different languages solutions adapted and adaptable to your structure.

Our EDI expertise

Our expertise in terms of design and implementation of electronic data interchange solutions places us in a privileged position so that we can provide our customers with the most efficient and suitable solutions. At Big Data Consulting, quality is based on our expertise in EDI and our partners.

The use of electronic data exchange solutions in France no longer being to demonstrate, not only are we present throughout France and also in the Mediterranean basin (Italy and Portugal), but we stand out by putting in place document dematerialization solutions that will make your business even more efficient and profitable.

Being a major player in the field of EDI, we offer training that will make you an expert in this field. In addition to all this, you can entrust us with the maintenance of your IT equipment for efficient outsourcing, the creation of your website as well as the development of your mobile applications on IOS. or Android. Big Data Consulting provides complete solutions in terms of EDI and IT maintenance.

Whether it's full management of all your business documents, visualization and archiving of your business documents, EDI connectors allowing you to efficiently exchange your data, translating your EDI documents into EDI language, viewing your business documents, taking orders on tablets, we are there for you.

Big Data Consulting is developing a strategy for implementing Our solutions. Our team is made up of experts and developers who are there to best meet your needs. We guarantee you optimal and quality service.