Order application

Give your reps the opportunity to take orders on a tablet. With i-Sales it is now possible!

What is i-Sales in practical terms?

iSales is an order taking application on an iPad tablet developed by Big Data Consulting. The application allows your field sales representatives to take orders directly on a tablet, all from the customer's site. She was specially designed for professionals. This is one of a kind software.

The key features of the i-Sales application

Mobile solution: Orders are placed on a tablet, directly from the customer
Off Line mode: Can be used without internet connection
Mode: License and SaaS, download the application and manage it from the interface
Web interface: to manage the application (access, content ...)
Functional: Simple and easy to use

The key features of the i-Sales application

Lower costs: linked to order processing, customer meetings
Optimization of working time: better quality customer meetings, sales development support tool
Access to information: customer files, products….
Reliability: all your data is secure
Ready to use: the application is operational right away
Autonomy: salespeople can work without intermediaries
Dematerialization of information and documents: no more cumbersome paperwork