Professional quality outsourcing
An outsourcing contract perfectly suited for you
Big Data Consulting offers you a managed outsourcing contract for you.

In order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your information system, we perform an audit of it.

On this basis we make proposals that will help you improve the quality of your system.

Installation of computer equipment (computers, printers, scanner, wiring)

Maintenance of your IT equipment (troubleshooting and repair)

IT assistance (server, network, internet connection, telephone, etc.)

IT security

Our outsourcing contract ensures the maintenance and security of all your PCs as well as your servers through the installation of quality antivirus. Whatever the field in which you operate, you can count on us to free your operating system, whether Windows or MAC or others, from all technical concerns and thus guarantee proper functioning for your entire IT fleet. We set up an efficient procedure for the safeguarding of your data and we assure the surveillance of your information system.

Tailor-made IT maintenance

In terms of IT maintenance we channel our interventions

  • Updating of all your software
  • Daily assistance for users
  • Support
  • Telephone: You can get help over the phone at the right time
  • Remote control of your machines: We can guide you remotely on your computer to resolve a problem
  • Curative maintenance: In the event of a failure of one of your devices, we can intervene on site with a view to repairing or replacing the defective device
IT and preventive intervention

Your hardware needs to be healthy in the long run. For this you need to carry out preventive maintenance. We take care of this. This is how we carry out a meticulous control of your workstations from the inside to the outside. We keep it clean, we check the condition of the various components, we also perform a performance and security audit, we update the operating system and back up your data. Antivirus scanning is also one of our priorities.

The difference between IT maintenance and outsourcing?

The oxido site gives us a very clear definition and highlights the difference between the two expressions According to the definition of the European standard, "maintenance is carried out after detection of a failure and intended to return an item to a state in which it can perform a required function ”(Standard NF EN 13306 X 60-319). This clarification clearly shows that maintenance is only intended to restore a device to working order. It can thus be curative or corrective (see our blog article on the different types of maintenance), but could not legitimately be preventive.

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