Website development
You have a website creation project but you don't know how to go about it.

Anexys uses its skills and know-how to meet your needs.

We are a web agency specializing in the creation of Ecommerce websites, whether in B2B or B2C. The performance and usability of your site are a priority for us.

For several years we have been offering our customers Prestashop or WordPress solutions for the creation of their website, for this launch in the digital world

As user satisfaction is our priority, we strive to design websites with a well-designed design and ergonomics.

Site development using Open Source solutions is one of our strong points: We have a competent team at your disposal.

Website creation for your business

The Internet has today become a vast global network. Billions of people connect around the world either to search for information, to communicate or to buy or sell a service.

Right now in France we spend 18 hours a week on the internet. According to the information provided by the moderator's blog, every minute on the internet is The number of Internet users around the world only increase. We believe it is time for you to position yourself in this vast market.
There are multiple benefits to creating a website for your business.

  • 400 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube
  • 350,000 tweets on Twitter, including 10,000 containing an emoji
  • 7 million snaps sent to Snapchat
  • 216 million photos liked on Facebook
  • 18,000 upvotes or downvotes on Reddit
  • 10,000 ../images pinned on Pinterest
  • 2.4 million photos liked on Instagram
  • 1 million views on Vine
  • 110,000 calls on Skype
  • 70 million words translated on Google Translate
  • 830,000 files downloaded from Dropbox
  • 3.5 million texts in the United States
  • 570,000 GIFs viewed from Giphy
  • 7 million snaps sent to Snapchat
  • 3.3 billion queries are made every day on Google (100 billion per month).
The advantages of having your business on the internet

The possibility of offering your services or products to thousands and thousands of potential customers: Considering the number of Internet users in the world, it is possible that your website generates gigantic traffic.

You can thus invest in the creation of your website and benefit from a huge market You can establish fruitful relationships with potential customers who are interested in your products. Such prospects may be on the other side of the world, but your website can serve as a link between you and them. They can learn about your products and services as well as your location and decide to get in touch with you.

The more interesting your site is and provides the information they need, the more they will come back to your site. So your credibility will depend on the quality of information you provide.

The presence of a website for your business makes you visible: If you have for example an online store, it can be visited at any time without you do not need to be present to manage the transaction as is the case for a physical store.

By not being on the internet, you are giving your potential customers the opportunity to turn to your competitors. In reality, you allow your competitors to take your place.